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Why Join websongs.com

websongs provides a central resource where, if you have an interest in music, you can:

  • Search and locate songs and recordings;
  • Register as a user, list details and upload files of your own songs and/or recordings
  • Apply for online copyright registration of specific songs
  • Download a certificate of registration at any time once a song has been registered.
  • Register as a "websongs Pro" user and allow your contact details to be seen by others (Coming Soon); and
  • Find (as a websongs Pro user) details of other users (Coming Soon)

If any, or all, of the above sounds like it may be of use to you, then please join websongs by clicking on "Register now".

Copyright Registration

The websongs Copyright Registration service has been set up to meet the needs of music creators who haven't, until now, had anywhere that they can register their copyrights instantaneously online. Use the websongs copyright registration service to register the copyright of your song or composition at any time. Once you have listed your song or composition on websongs, the Copyright Registration feature will be available to use in your My Account page. You can upload either the music and lyrics in PDF format or an mp3 file if you have recorded a demo of the song. Once the copyright has been registered, you will receive a date and time stamped registration certificate as proof of copyright registration with websongs.

Using this service will be subject to a fee of £1 per song for a 10 year registration. For a limited period only, this service will be free to all registered users

Claiming an Existing Account

In some cases, websongs administrators´ have started to input certain information about you, your songs or recordings. This is called an "unclaimed account". If you have the right to do so, you can take it over, and turn it into a "claimed account". To do this: when viewing your public Profile, at the top of the page, you will see the text "This is an unclaimed account: click here to claim it." If you click on the link you will be taken to the appropriate form to claim your account.

websongs Pro (coming soon)

By registering as a "websongs Pro" user, your contact details will be made available to other "websongs Pro" users, and you will be able to see their contact details.