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About us

About websongs

websongs.com provides a central resource where people that have,an interest in music can search and locate songs and recordings; register as a user, list details of your own songs and/or recordings, upload associated files (PDF's in Songs for Manuscript Music, Chord Charts and Lyrics, mp3's for audio files and .flv for video files in Madter Recordings), register as a "websongs Pro" user to allow your contact details to be seen by others; and to find details of other websongs Pro users, apply for online copyright registration of specific songs and upload relevant PDF or mp3 files, and having registered a song, download a websongs Copyright Registration Certificate at any time.

Whilst websongs provides a resource for all music to be listed and found, it importantly creates a new online method for Songwriters to register their copyrights, on a worldwide basis, in a cost effective and technically efficient manner.

As the world moves towards a truly worldwide copyright system, websongs leads the way, as many of the new works from new Songwriters on websongs can be licensed to global TV and film companies, with all rights (master and underlying work) being available from one centralised source. Of course, please be assured that websongs would not consider issuing any such licence without the full prior consent of the writer or recording artist, which will necessarily involve explaining what is on offer, and ensuring that the writer or recording artist is completely happy with the terms being offered. Obviously, the respective CVs of the websongs directors puts websongs in an ideal position to obtain an offer of a licensed use for the work and also negotiate an excellent deal for the writer or artist in question.

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About the Company

websongs limited is a UK limited company, no 05810487.